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X-Ray Inspection Machines

Food Grade Product Perfection

Non-damaging X-Ray Inspecting for Food Grade Production

Our X-Ray sorters utilize advanced imaging technology designed for the highly sensitive detection of foreign contaminants and internal defects. Specially designed for the sorting and inspecting of food grade products, internal damage will never be a concern.

With the introduction of the multi-identification algorithm, our X-Ray sorters achieve revolutionary identification for ultra thin and soft malignant impurities.
The stable and bug-free A.I. algorithm, when programmed with the characteristics of the raw material, can automatically and accurately complete parameter setting to detect foreign materials; eliminating reliance on a service engineer to sort for new foreign materials.

Manufactured with international food safety quality control standards at the core of the design, guaranteeing the highest quality product is simple. Combined with custom rejection accessories that feature: sweep, slide, air blast, and many more options; every model can be integrated into any processing line so production never stops when unacceptable foreign materials are detected.

The XS Series, which is perfect for quality control in grains and nuts, is equipped with air-gun ejectors, similar to our iconic CG Series Optical Sorters, to minimize products loss without sacrificing production capacity.
The series is also equipped with a durable belt that can be assembled and disassembled in five minutes by one person, the X-Ray sorter can be cleaned with a high-pressure air-gun, meeting the HACCP requirement for food enterprises. Combine the in-built industrial air-conditioning system and totally airtight compartments, the easy-to-clean design can also tolerate harsh, high or low, temperature conditions long-term.

Sorting packaged materials is just as simple with the XM series, designed to sort canned or packaged materials with ease.

The specially designed detection sensors across all of our X-Ray sorter models can detector and separate impurities as small as 0.1mm, or 0.004", in some materials.

Metal Detector and Check-Weigh Machines

Specialized Solutions for Niche Requirements

The unlimited applications for our Metal Detector and Check-Weigh machines give them the versatility to be adapted for any use in an affordable way.

Our Metal Detectors and Check-Weigh machines have a variety of functions, from simple shut-down warning alarms to automatic product rejection for manual inspection or re-processing. The flexibility of options allow various types of processing lines to be set up, to meet the requirements of any industry.

Although popularly used in food-grade production lines, the application of the machines is not limited by their common uses. Wherever there may be materials of concern or volume management is of extreme importance, our machines can be used.

Get in touch with us to find out more about our available options.

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