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Founded in 2009 as the exclusive North America distributor, AMVT (Applied Machine Vision Technologies) has been growing in both size and reputation throughout the world. We lead the way in customer care and satisfaction, and we strive to provide the very best service to everyone we work with.

AMVT is a Katy, Texas based company that specializes in the sales, marketing, and technical support of optical sorting machines used around the world in food processing, industrial recycling, and e-waste separation. Our sorting machines cover the full range of the sorting spectrum; from monochromatic, bi-chromatic, and full color RGB to Infra-red and X-Ray sorting.

The application of our sorting technology doesn't end with common products. Our optical sorters are true powerhouses and are capable of sorting everything; from different sizes and atypical shapes, to materials that appear almost identical to the naked eye. The powerful software combined with the best optical detection hardware, and sniper ejection system mean all defects are removed without any unnecessary sacrifice of the acceptable products.

We have a demonstration lab at our corporate headquarters in Texas with all kinds of sorting machines to serve American customers, and can evaluate product samples free of charge. Regardless of the location, our experienced engineers are ready to provide timely technical support. With over 60,000 of our sorting machines deployed world wide, we continue to serve our customers in North America with best quality of machines, modern technologies and first class customer service.

Beyond our Headquarters in Texas, we have offices, representatives and dealers across North America and are able to offer support and sales services globally, in multiple languages and across any timezone. Our expertly trained representatives offer support services for all optical sorters.


Our Locations

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Katy, TX

Albany, GA

Albany, OR

Minneapolis, MN

Salida, CA

La Mesa, NM

Brandon, MB

Okotoks, AB

London, ON

Montreal, QC

Cuauhtemoc, Chihuahua

Cartago, Costa Rica

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See The Results Firsthand

We've performed tests on thousands of applications, from the common to the obscure, to remove defects for a perfect end product.

Send us a sample for free testing of your product.


Barley, Ergot, Fusarium, White-Caps


Corn, Non-GMO and GMO, Blight, Immature Beans


Shells, Rot, Blight, Glass


Shells, Worms, PVC Plastic, Dirt Balls


Different types of plastic, Glass, Ceramic


Seed Hulls, Buckwheat, Green Shells, Fractured Wheat


Chickweed, Catchfly, Canada Thistle, Wild Buckwheat, Kochia

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