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What We Offer

With a wide range of equipment and services on offer, there is a solution for every application

240CG.A Optical Colour Sorter

Optical Color Sorters

Our quintessential expert level multi-purpose Color Sorter series.
Perfect for most Agri-food sorting applications.

The ideal adaptation of our CG series for all NIR requirements.
Perfect for recycling and nut sorting applications.

The durable, high-speed Belt featuring alternative sorter series.
Perfect for sorting plastics, berries or dehydrated vegetables.

The compact M series is optimized for low volume and lab testing.
Perfect every application that require smaller capacity volumes.

Non-damaging, X-ray sorting of high density foreign materials.
Perfect for guaranteeing food grade products.

Inspection Machines

Adaptable X-ray based inspection machines for all bag types and sizes.
Perfect for quality control of packaged consumption grade products.

The compact and easily integrated Metal detector series.
Perfect options for raw or packaged materials.

Rejection mechanism options for most of our inspection machines that can be adapted to fit every need. Options such as sweep, slide, & more.

XS X-Ray Inspection Sorter
Semi-Automatic Bagging Macine

Packaging Machines

Options are for all sizes and types of food product packaging.
Fully automatic to semi-automated systems available.

Bulk and retail packaging machines to suit agricultural sales.
Perfect for bulk crop with various levels of automation.

Various filler mechanisms allow adaptive filling for different ranges.
Perfect for all viscosity and volume levels.

Cleaning Equipment

Materials pass laterally across a horizontal surface air-stream.
Perfect separating materials with differing surface area.

Screen decks typically scalp, sift and grade using multiple decks.

Perfect for a uniformly sized product, removing the under or over sized.

Separating by particle density, where materials differ in weight.
Perfect for removing same different weight but sized impurities.

Length grading of granular materials through a rotating drum.
Perfect for removing undesirable long or short impurities.

Air & Screen Pre-Cleaner
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