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Multi-Purpose Full Color RGB + Shape

The essential optical sorters for all applications.

The technology behind the optical colour sorters.
Our CG series full color, RGB plus true shape and size optical sorter is the cornerstone of every modern processing operation. Whether it is a seed cleaning line, nut processing facility, plastic recycling plant, chemical or pharmaceutical producing facility, AMVT has a sorter to suit your individual requirements.

The CG series possesses the latest ultra HD imaging system, with advanced AI software able to render precise dimensional reconstructions of any material, revealing every impurity and the geometric centre of everything to achieve the efficient and accurate sorting results required in the modern world.

Combined with patented high-speed, contact-free, electromagnetic ejectors that are capable of achieving frequencies of 1,200 times per second with 10 Billion lifetime ejections. The durability and pin-point accuracy is unmatched by any other optical color sorter.

An extremely user-friendly and naturally dust-free design makes operation simple while reducing maintenance costs across the lifetime of every sorter. A 15 inch touch screen, created with usability in mind, features stable software and familiar operating systems that are thoroughly tested before leaving the factory to ensure software malfunctions are a non-issue and are consistently easy to use through the generations.

A virtually limitless number of programs can be created to sort any material with any number of unique parameters, from commonly sorted materials to unique and highly sensitive variations. The seemingly limitless application of AMVT sorting technologies is supported by stable LED light sources, adaptable digital background chages, the latest Hi Res CCD sensors, Deep-Learning AI algorithms and centralized data analysis.

Belt sorters for sensitive materials

The K series are specially designed belt sorters combining optical sorting capabilities with a durable belt feeder ideal for sorting delicate materials to avoid unnecessary damage. Low transmission speeds and waterproof seals ensure worry-free maintenance to compliment the dust collection systems. Featuring the same capabilities and technology as the CG series, the K series is the perfect alternative for belt-sorting applications.

Full Spectrum Multi-Band Infrared Sorters
The CI series is the perfect sorter for applications that rely primarily on Infrared sorting, with visible light and shape being the secondary uses. These sorters take advantage of the full infrared spectrum, including the NIR spectrum as well as various sensors, including InGaAs sensors, to sort by material difference such as shelled nuts and separating non-PET plastics from other plastics. The CI series sorters are specially adapted to each application for infrared sorting by employing the use of the most effective sensors for that particular sort.

Optional extras are available for affordable sorting of difficult materials

Additional Near-Infra-Red (NIR) cameras and sensors can be added to any model of color sorter without Infrared, for those difficult-to-sort applications with consistent material differences. Depending on the sorting application different NIR sensors can be featured to ensure the optimal wavelengths are being targeted to separate materials efficiently and accurately, all of which are uniquely selected for each application to deliver the best results. 

The newly developed Top-dust collection system, combined with the standard, yet highly efficient, point-to-point system will remove dust and lighter materials to further improve the cleanliness of every product. The Top-dust collection system is highly recommended where dust, or similar materials, are of concern and is extremely affordable.

A true lifetime of service
The commitment AMVT makes lasts. Service will always be accessible, any day, any time, for the lifetime of every sorter supplied by AMVT with support locations and stocked parts warehouses across North America. On the rare occasion support is needed, it will always be available.

Small Scale and Lab Size Color Sorters

The same great technology, made smaller.

Small scale sorting perfected

Featuring the same high quality technology as the full-size, AMVT carries options suited to laboratory and low capacity sorting applications. Capable of achieving similar results to full sized optical sorters with the same full colour RGB plus true shape and size hardware in a compact design, sorting can be done anywhere, anytime.

Compact portability
The compact design of these sorters allow for ease of movement and the ability to set them up where they are needed. Each model is fitted with a unique specially designed flow system to maximize speed without impacting sort quality.

Optional extras are available
Adding NIR can easily be done to the M1 sorter (only), allowing for the sorting of difficult materials in any specialty low-volume application. Additional accessories are available, such as hoppers, stands or even discharge adapters so that the Mini sorters can be perfectly adapted into any facility.

Same first-class service

Whether full-size or lab-size, every AMVT optical sorter comes with the same service and support guarantee. 24/7 on-site, online and remote support is a commitment that AMVT never waver from, for the lifetime of every sorter.

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Used Sorters & Extras

Proof of Hardware Durability and Software Stability

High-Quality Used Machine Refurbishments
Used optical sorters sometimes change hands, and to ensure the quality and reputation of the AMVT brand and our optical sorters, we can offer the highest quality care to ensure that any used machine meets the same standards as when they were first commissioned. With service representatives and warehouses stocked with inventories of spare parts located around the world, even the older generations can have a restart on their life.

Trade-in and Upgrade Services

AMVT offers services to support the upgrade to newer and larger sorters without the concern about what needs to be done with any other sorter, even from a different manufacturer. Some used sorters may be eligible for trade-in credit on a brand new sorter purchase.

Software updates on AMVT sorters are simple, if any software updates are developed that significantly improve the functions of our optical sorters, every sorter will be upgraded free of charge on-site by a technician. However, with the rigorous testing and thorough development going into every sorter made, such a service has not been required to date.

Assisting with the spatial planning and design for an upgrade is also part of the services offered, to ensure that any AMVT sorter fits perfectly. Contact us to find out more on these services.

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