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Color + Shape Separation
Color Separation
Color + Shape Separation
Color + Size Separation
Color Separation
Color + NIR + X-Ray Separation
Color + X-Ray Separation
Color + Size Separation
Pistachio Nuts
Color + NIR Separation
Color + NIR Separation
Cacao Beans
Color + X-Ray Separation
Belt Color + NIR + X-Ray Separation
Color + NIR + X-Ray Separation
Color Separation
Color Separation

Optical Color Sorters

Essential To Every Modern Processing Line

  • Ergonomic Chutes or High Speed Belts

  • Full Colour True RGB Imaging

  • Near-Infra-Red Spectroscopy

  • Accurate Ratio Shape Sorting

  • Extremely User-Friendly 15" LCD Touch Screen

  • Point-to-Point Dust-Collection Systems

Inspection Machines

Take Your Product To The Next Level

  • X-Ray, Check-Weighing, and Metal Detectors

  • Customization Options for Small Footprints and Integration

  • Bulk or Fluid Automatic Rejection And Warning Systems

  • Variable Speed, Remote Control

Packaging Machines

Complete Your Production Line In Style

  • From Retail to Bulk Production Sized Machines

  • Fully Automated Packaging with Customizable Automatic Rejection Options

  • Integrated Metal Detecting and Check-Weighing Systems

  • Case Filling, Erecting and Sealing with Conveyance

  • Palletizing and Wrapping Systems

Cleaning Equipment

The Latest State of the Art Cleaning Equipment

  • High-Quality and Rigorously Tested Equipment for the Entire Line

  • Low to High Capacity Options Suitable for Every Operation

  • Guaranteed Service, Parts Supply and Long Lifetime

  • Air-Screen, Gravity Table, Clipper, Indent
    and More!


About Us

First Class Service You Can Rely On


Since 2009 AMVT has specialized in the sales, support and service of optical sorting equipment widely used in the agriculture, food processing and plastics recycling industries. We go above and beyond to give you the very best product options, prices, advice and service, so that you can concentrate on the important things. When doing business with AMVT, you can rest assured that you are getting the very highest quality, and the best value for your money. Working with AMVT simply means working with the best. We guarantee you won’t need - or want - any other supplier!

Get In Touch With Us

You can reach us anytime, 24/7 for general inquiries, quotes or technical support.

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