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MS Series Pneumatic Controlling Roller Mill


    Ms pneumatic controlling roller mill is the main machine in wheat processing line. It includes upper and under tow parts, upper part is steel material, under part is cast iron base, feeding system adopt modularize design. It can move out completely, material feeding system can be driven separately, space between rollers can be adjusted sensitively. We can make electrical controlling type, pneumatic controlling type, four roller type and eight roller type with roller diameter of 250mm and 300mm.

LSM20 Pilot Mill


    The machine is fully automatic laboratory test mill for rapid milling for production equivalent test flours, multiple grinding is carried out by fixed corrugated rolls, the separation of the products is achieved in two section sifter, the flours produced by this machine equal to those obtained on a commercial mill. This machine provides information on milling properties and potential yield of the particular wheat sample, it not only widely serves milling companies for testing and blending, but also becomes standard equipment in numerous scientific institutions and similar laboratories.