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AMVT MGCZ Paddy Separator

Main Features:

1. Strong separation capability, suitable for separating heavy mixed paddy.

2. Equipped with an automatic stop mechanism in case the chamber runs out of material, and automatically restarting the machine after being adjusted, time delay for feeding.

3. Convenient for adjustment and observation; The inclination of the sieve is adjustable when the machine is in operation; the separating effect can be examined at any time.

4. Equipped with sample dot, convenient for quality and flow check.

5. Auto setup.

6. Compact design, small footprint.

7. Customization available

Technical Parameters:

Model MGCZ40 x 20 x 2A MGCZ60 x 20 x 2
Capacityt/h) 4-6
Screen Layers
20 x 2
Air Volume(m3/h) 150 x 2
2140 x 1770 x 2150
2576 x 1899 x 2327
1200 1700