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MLGQ25 Pneumatic Rice Husker

Main Features:

1. Advanced vibration feeding system adopted for ensuring continuous and uniform feeding.

2. Lengtherned chute raising the speed of paddy grains getting into hulling rolls and increased the throughput.

3. Position of discharging chute with an automatic tracking mechanism is adjustable automatically along with the wearing of rubber rolls.

4. Driven by double-side timing belt, causing improved driving efficiency and more stable running.

5. Cantilever for supporting rubber roll to be installed with a sub-plate, convenient for assembling and disassembling.

Technical Parameters:

Model MLGQ25

4-6(Short Paddy)

3-4(Long Paddy)

Power of main motor(KW)
Roll Size

Ф254 x 254

Air Volume(m3/h)
1461 x 850 x 2183