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AMVT 5WZ-700 Cylinder Grader

Working Principle:

Seeds after cleaning enter the feeder that will convey them to the cylinder, there are six pieces of sieves arranged along the axial direction of the cylinder, where seeds or impurities smaller than mesh size will be thrown out of the cylinder while rotating, and exhausted by hopper, and the qualified seeds will move forward gradually along the cylinder, and come out of the discharging body finally. It is possible to adopt the same specification for all six pieces of sieves or each three pieces of sieves for grading, arranged smaller to larger from feed end. Then seeds in hopper or discharging body can be graded into small, medium and large levels.

Technical Parameters:

Model AMVT-5WZ-700
Capacity(T/H) 10(Based on corn, three cylinder totaled)
Cylinder Specification(mm)
Diameter*Length = Ф700x3000
Cylinder Speed(r/min) n = 35
1.5 Single Cylinder
Overall Dimension(mm)
L*W*H = 3800*900*1500