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Combined Weigher Full Automatic Packaging System

Consists of 6 units:

1. AMVT-KS Main machine.

2. 10-head weighing machine.

3. AMVT-KS375-Z type material conveyor.

4. Supporting platform.

5. Finished products conveyor.

6. Stochastic forming.

Main Features:

1. Imported PLC computer control system with human-machine interface; touch screen is simple and direct-viewing in operation.

2. Precise positioning with servo film transporting system; excellent complete machine performance and nice packing.

3. Minimize the loss with complete automatic warn protection function.

4. Supported with metric device, the machine will automatically complete all packaging processes from measuring, feeding, filling, bag making

5. The way of bag making : the machine can make pillow-type bag and standing bag according to customer's requirements.

Technical Parameters:

Packing Speed 5-60bags/min 5-60bags/min
Bag Size
(L)50-300mm;(W)60-200mm (L)80-350mm;(W)100-250mm
Bag making mode Pillow-type/Standing bag, Punch Pillow-type/Standing bag, Punch
Range of measuring
150-1300ml 150-2000ml
Max packaging film width
420mm 520mm
Thickness of film
Air consumption
200L/min, 0.7 x 105Pa
Main power/voltage
1400 x 970 x 1600mm 1500 x 1140 x 1540mm
400Kg 680Kg