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Multiple Purpose Full Color IR/LED Color Sorter                    





1. Brief introduction

 Product of this category is a kind of equpment with dual view cabinets. Customized infrared ligh and camera assembly can be intalled for special material The latest 3 linear color CCD camera and FPGA processing system in addition to the high-speed electromagnetic ejector have been adopted in the machine, and also the multi-color touch screen has been installed therein, so it is a high-tech product combined with technology of optics, electronics and pneumatics. NIR is an optional device. The machine can automatically reject contaminant or colored grains, featuring high sorting accuracy, great efficiency, simply operation, easy maintenance, compact structure and elegant appearance. The sorter is now in the leading position among the industry and it can be extensively used in foodstuff, oil, chemistry and pharmaceutical



industries etc. especially suitable for fine sorting of grain material e.g. peanuts, beans, melon seeds, shelled melon seeds, raisin and dehydrated vegetables etc. The series of this product has four models : CF3, CF5 & CF7.




2. Scheme of work principle




4-Infrared light source(Optional)

5-Visible light source


7-Infrared sensor(Optional)

8-Background plate

9-Visible light sensor

10-Infrared background

11-Middle material

12-Accepts  13-Rejects

14-Accepts cavity

15-Waste cavity  16-Receiving hopper

17-Feeding hopper

3. Main features

Increased Productivity

        a. Dedicated digital sorting engine to deliver high speed 

        b. Wide flat chute to increase throughput

Maximized Sorting Yield

        a. sortingHigh speed and precise ejection to minimize good product in reject

        b. Resort capability reclaims good product from reject 

High Sorting Accuracy

        a. High speed, high resolution, full color RGB CCD camera (2048 pixels) to detect tiny   aaaaaadefects       

        b. Advanced imaging technology to sort defects with minimum contrast

        c. Enclosed feeding system to provide better feeding and chute protection

        d. Infrared sorting (optional) to effectively sort foreign materials

User Friendly Operation

        a. High resolution touch screen with user-friendly graphics

        b. Real time monitor of machine status

        c. Easy software upgrade with USB


        a. Specially made ejectors and optimized timing for low carryover, reduced air consumption

        b. Dual air supply for stable air pressure under high defect sorting

4. Technical Parameters














 Single phase, 110V/60Hz,1.8Kw

Single phase,110V/60Hz,2.9Kw 

Single phase,110V/60Hz,3.5Kw 

 Air Consumption

64CFM, @90-120PSI 

106CFM, @90-120PSI

150CFM, @90-120PSI  





 Size(L x W x Z)

57 x 63 x 84 

 57 x 63 x 84

57 x 63 x 84 

         5. Dimensional Drawings  




              6. Application

                  Grain, Seed, Food, Seasoning, Recycling, Mineral etc.