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Bulk Food X-Ray Inspector

Main Features

  • 1.Adopt advanced X-ray imaging technology, very sensitive for the food foreign contaminant and internal defect.
  • 2.Introduce the multi-identification algorithm, achieve the breakthrough of identification for ultra thin and soft malignant impurities.
  • 3.Perfect artificial-intelligence algorithm; According to the characteristics of raw material, MEYER X-ray inspection machine model 8084 could automatically search the best detecting accuracy and complete parameter settings; which will be great advantage away from previously relying on service engineer.
  • 4.Adopt the standard of Japanese Detecting Machine manufacturers, Association, meet the requirement of international food safety quality control.
  • 5.Equipped with 60-channels air-gun seperators to lower the products loss.
  • 6.Latest designed protecting curtain is easily assembled and disassembled as well as cleaned.

  • 7.Latest designed transport belt can be assembled and disassembled in five minutes by one person, the structure can be cleaned by high pressure gun, meet the requirement of HACCP for food enterprise.

8.Equipped with the industrial air-conditioning, totally airtight cases, can tolerance the long-term high-temperature or low temperature harsh conditions.

9. Seperate the malignant impurities as metal, glass, sand which the prevenient separation system can not remove strengthen imaging

identification function, can detect and separate the tiny product, low density clump, focal pellets, truffle, ultra thin bulb glass, worm-eaten detect.

Technical Parameters




SUS BallФ0.04mm,SUS threadФ0.3mmx2,GlassФ0.2mm,CeramicФ0.2mm,RubberФ3.0mm,


920(D) x 1150(W) x 1790(H)mm

X-ray output

350W, max 80kV/8.0mA

Conveyor speed 10-80m/min,adjustable

Belt width


Interface 17in liquid crystal screen
X-ray leakage < 1μSV/h
Protection level IP66 for belt, IP54 for other parts
Application surrounding Stable environment 0~40℃, Relative humidity 30-85%
Power supply Single phase AC110V

+10%, 50/60Hz, 2kVA