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AMVT MUZL 600/1200 Series Pellet Mill

Main Features:

1. High efficient pellet mill for poultr feed, livestock feed and aquafeed production.

2. High homogeneity : Stable two-motor timing belt drive, large torque but low noise; Optimized area-to-power ratio of ring die, maximum output; triple rollers and cutters, stable production, and uniform pellets obtained.

3. Hygienic and safety : CE standard design and available stainless steel reinforced conditioner for feed, human and machine safety.

4. Flexible production : Wide production range : Φ1.5mm ~  Φ12mm pellets; Reinforced conditioner with molasses adding function.

5. User-friendly operaton : Hydraulic system for die change and roller adjustment, quick and precise operation; Auto-lubrication system and die & roller lifting device, saved labor, on-site touch screen control.

Technical Parameters: